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In Their Own Words

May 20, 1738

Whitefield Visited Tomochichi with Interpreter

As he had four days previously, George Whitefield went to visit Tomochichi on this day in 1738. This time, he found someone with whom he could converse - Tomichichi’s nephew, Tooanahowi. Because Tooanahowi stood next in line to become Yamacraw mico, Whitefield took the opportunity to preach about drinking and the hereafter:

“Saturday, May 20. Went once more to see Tomo Chachi [sic], hearing his Nephew Tooanoowee [sic] was there, who could talk English. I desired of him to enquire of his Uncle, Whether he thought he should die; who answer’d, He could not tell: I then asked where he thought he should go after Death? He replied, to Heaven. But alas, how can a Drunkard enter there! I then exhorted Tooanoowee (who is a tall proper youth) not to get drunk, telling him, he understood English, and therefore would be punished the more if he did not live better. I then asked him, Whether he believed a Heaven? He answer’d, Yes. I then asked, Whether he believed a Hell? and described it by pointing to the Fire, he replied, No. From whence we may easily gather how natural it is to all Mankind to believe there is a Place of Happiness, because they wish it may be so, and on the contrary, how averse they are to believe a Place of Torment, because they wish it may not be so. But God is true and just, and as surely as the Good shall go into everlasting Happiness, so the Wicked shall go into everlasting Punishment.”

Source: [no author or editor cited], Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (The Beehive Press, Savannah, 1974), p. 289.