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In Their Own Words

May 14, 1785

Letter Mentioned Elderly James Oglethorpe

From London, Jonathan Williams Jr. wrote his friend, Benjamin Franklin, in Philadelphia:

“I dined yesterday at Mr. Paradise’s and was very much surprised at the activity & lively conversation of an old military man. He danced about the Room with gaiety, kissed & said pretty things to all the Ladies, & seemed to feel all he said as much as any young man could do. He put me in mind of your cribbidge old Lady when he talked of being an ensign in the Guards in Queen Anns reign. This youthful old gentlemen was General Oglethorpe whom I believe you know. He spoke of you with the strongest marks of esteem.”

Source: Amos A. Ettinger, James Edward Oglethorpe: Imperial Idealist (no city listed: Archon Books, 1968), p. 325.