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In Their Own Words

May 14, 1865

Diary Entry on Little to Eat and Having to Hide it from Yankees

A Lithonia, Georgia man wrote in his journal of having little to eat, and hiding what little he did have from marauding Yankees.

“May 14 - Sunday … the family all well and we still have a little to eat. It is said there are more Yankees coming this way. It may be so. I did not get to [church] meeting. I now think I will put away some more corn. If the Yanks should come they will take all I have. If I hide it they may not find it, but if they do I will be no worse off than if I leave it in the crib… . What a country we have at the present time! We have nothing that we can call our own. The vile Yankees take everything they please and go where they please. We are a powerless people, but by no means a conquered people. I have lost of yet gaining our independence… . “

Source: Franklin Garrett, Atlanta and Environs: A Chronicle of its People and Events (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1954), Vol. I, p. 677.