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In Their Own Words

May 12, 1791

George Washington Diary Entry on First Day in Georgia

Pres. George Washington wrote in his diary of the first day of his visit to Georgia:

“Thursday, 12th. By five o’clock we set out from Judge Hayward’s, and road [sic] to Purisburgh 22 miles to breakfast.

“At that place I was met by Messrs. [Noble Wymberley] Jones, Colo. [Colonel] [Joseph] Habersham. Mr. Jno. [John] Houston, Genl. [Lachlan] McIntosh and Mr. [Joseph] Clay, a Comee. [committee] from the City of Savanna [sic] to conduct me thither. Boats were also ordered there by them for my accommodation; among which a handsome 8 oared barge rowed by 8 American Captns. attended. In my way down the River I called upon Mrs. [Catharine] Green the Widow of the deceased Genl. [Nathanael] Green, (at a place called Mulberry Grove) and asked her how she did. At this place (2 miles from Purisburgh) my horses and Carriage were landed, and had 12 miles farther by Land to Savanna. The wind and tide being both agst. us, it was 6 o’clock before we reached the City where we were received under every demonstration that could be given of joy and respect. We were Seven hours making the passage which is often performed in 4, tho’ the computed distance is 25 miles. Illumns. at night.

“I was conducted by the Major [Thomas Gibbons] and Wardens to very good lodging which had been provided for the occasion, and partook of a public dinner given by the Citizens at the Coffee Room.”

Source:John C. Fitzpatrick (ed.), The Diaries of George Washington: 1748-1799 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1925), pp. 175-176