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In Their Own Words

May 07, 1803

Fatal Fight Recorded

Reuben King recorded a fatal fight in his journal; the entry also shows the primitive state of medicine in early Georgia:

“…James Hunt came to the house of Betty and Patsy Ketons about 7 O.C. in the evening Threatening evil threats against the house and People Wm Shields told him stand off and not trouble the the house Hunt then rushed toward the Door Shields then Shot off his gun they Strove for the gun and Shields asked for assistance which he soon got - John Gormon with the help of others took away the gun and parted them Shields took his gun and went immediately towards home Hunt followed him Shields turned around Struck with the brich of his gun knocked him down and then repeated the blow Hunt was taken up and carried into the house whare Shields lived Henery Hartford bleed him and some other exertions were made He lived but a few moments after he was Struck…”

Source: Virginia Steele Wood and Ralph Van Wood, ed. The Reuben King Journal, 1800-1806. Savannah, Georgia, The Georgia Historical Society, 1971, p. 65.