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In Their Own Words

May 02, 1861

Civil War Letter from Florida

From Warington, Fla., Georgia Confederate soldier H.L. Lindley wrote his wife:

“Dear aney this is to inform you that i am well and in good helth at time an hope these lines may finde you good helth i rote to you from Columbus But received no answer yet i hered from you yesterday A.B. Noyes come rite from there he sayes you was all well so fare as he node about you i was very sorey to here of Jack geting cut i hope it ante Bad Noyes sayed it was a prity Bad cut Wee have a grate time here though wee have harde Dutey to Do we are at work most of the time eather cleaning up ground or Down on the Beach Building Sande Bateres or Standing picket gard the kepe a gard of men all a Long the Beach there is some talk of fort pickings Sending troopes over in the nite But still they make us Do it there now about eight thousand troopes here now we or the floriaday troops or Stasioned about one mile Back of the navy yird in the piney woods we have got a varey good plase our tentes Leekes though when it ranes i would have rote Before now But i cant get eney invelepes her nor non in pensacola nether i give 25 centes apese for these that i got from one of the Boys that had it i hante Been out of the Campes since i come Down here onley when i go Doon on the Beach to work wee Stop in pensacola about 6 oures i Sen Barey and nick they com whare we we as or i should not seene them they keepe us rite in campes all the time But i had just as soon Bee up here as Down at the navey for you cant get a drop of eney thing to Drink i hante had but one dring Sence i Been Down here an that i got of ove a Shuner that i com from orlenes with Sholgers an i Beged that from to cook the Boyes ar all ancious for the Ball to commence an i donte think it will Bee Long Before it will commence not more than 8 or ten days at the furerethest But it ante going to Bee as much fun as the Boys thinkes for when it Dose commence But if there is going to Bee eney fiting Don i should like for it to commence Rite off for the sooner it is commenced the soon wee will get off from here i dont think it will tak us Long to Clene them felers over at fort pikene up not more than on or too Days at fartherest When it is commenced we are bound to take the fort But i think we will a good meney men in the fight for ou men Dont understan shuting them big gunees if it was with the Baonet and muscut we could whip them in 4 hours i dont now of eney thing more to rite to you you must excuse Bad Riting for all that wee have to Rite on is our nap sackes on the ground the is But one table in the camps and that Belongs to the offersers Give my love Joseph tell him to Bee a good Boy till i com Back Laud Says tell his mother that he is well even is in good helth to we ar all in fine helth for the way we hafto Live and so meney meney as there is here som off all Kinde too Give my Respectes Jackes famley and taylors famley thad is on Dutey this morning But tell Elisa that he is well and Doing well tell all of our friendes there i should Like to here from them ofen if they will Rite wee hante got much chance to Rite Gariet is in good helth he is off on Duty to this morning he sends his Respects to you all Rite to me when you get this Leter you must Rite your Leteres to me in care of Capt. Hilton L (name is scratched out).

“Fla troopes to Warington Nothing more But Remain your till Death.”

Source: Vickie Montgomery Ashely, Letters from H.L. Lindley