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In Their Own Words

April 30, 1772

Colonial Dispute Recorded

This letter from James Habersham to one of the king’s secretaries shows that, while disputes between the Crown and colonies were brewing, Habersham himself had not yet become a revolutionary. The dispute arose over the Commons House’s repeated attempts to name Noble Wimberly Jones, an outspoken critic of British policies, as Speaker of the House:

“Savannah in Georgia the 30th April 1772 My Lord The 21st Inst [Instant], I met the General Assembly, and am very sorry to inform your lordship, that after a fruitless Attempt on my Part to make the Commons House sensible of their Duty to the King, in acknowledging His Majesty’s just, undoubted and indisputable Right to negative a Speaker and their Folly in attempting to violate our happy Constitution, I failed, and was obliged to dissolve them as your Lordship will observe by a Copy of the Journals of both Houses, which I now transmit to your Lordship.”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, The Letters of the Hon. James Habersham, 1756-1775 (Savannah, The Georgia Historical Society, 1904), Vol. VI, p. 174.