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In Their Own Words

April 18, 1734

Dangers of Travel in Early Colonial Georgia

Johann Martin Boltzius was the religious leader of the Salzburgers who emigrated to Georgia in 1734; he kept a journal of their settlement. His entry for this day shows the hazard of traveling - even a short distance - in early colonial Georgia:

“…We intended this Afternoon to see the Saltzburgers at work; but finding they were advanced far, made us afraid we should not come to Abercorn again, and we turned back. One must take care not to go into the Woods without a Guide. The whole Country is covered with Wood; and if one loses sight of the Trees that are marked, whereby the Way is known, one is in danger of being lost…”

Source: Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1974), p. 73.