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In Their Own Words

April 13, 1864

Diary Entry on Threat of Starvation

Julia Johnson Fisher, staying in Camden County during the Civil War, wrote in her diary of receiving some unexpected food while many faced starvation, and of the high costs of simple items.

“We went over to Kate’s in the morning. Mr. Fisher took us in his cart as far as the creek. I wished to lend them $75.00 but they had no use for it. Shall probably lose it. Kate gave us a piece of fresh meat half dozen potatoes and a saucer of fresh butter. Such a rich day for us. I think we must gain some fat. Mr. Linn left at noon. His furlough was up and he must go leaving his wife in hourly expectation of illness. Before leaving Savannah he bought two pounds of coffee for $30.00. On the road he discovered that someone had given him a paper of peas in exchange. He purchased a sack of flour for $125.00 that he had not found when he left here. The country is threatened with starvation. Maj. Bailey has gone fishing. He says he has commenced drawing up our papers–a slow process. Miss Chappelle is very impatient.”

Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864