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In Their Own Words

April 09, 1734

Hard Work to Establish Colonial Settlements

Johann Martin Boltzius was the religious leader of the Salzburgers who emigrated to colonial Georgia in 1734; he kept a journal of their activities. On this day he mentioned several difficulties involved in establishing a settlement in the Georgia wilderness - weather, lodging, clearing trees:

“…The Wind being to-day Northerly, cooled the Air; which is strange to us, because we expected continual hot Weather in this Country. We all make shift, by Day and Night, as well as we can: The Saltzburgers have pitched two Tents; and we, the Ministers, live with two English Families, in a Hut in which we cannot sit dry when it rains, besides other Inconveniences; it being low, and the Doors on both sides continually open, yet Providence preserves our Health. The chief Labour in Georgia is, that they must cut down the Woods, of which the whole Country is full, before they can Till the Ground. …”

Source: Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1974), p. 71.