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In Their Own Words

March 30, 1822

Nice Meal Recorded

While visiting Georgia, New England lawyer and publisher Jeremiah Evarts wrote of a very special meal he had in Savannah:

“Dined at Dr. Kollock’s with Dr. Porter. Mrs. Bratton, Dr. Kollock’s niece, sets the most elegant table in this city. The dinner was best drum fish, with appropriate dressings, ducks and Southern bacon, oysters cooked in two ways, Irish potatoes in two ways, beets, onions, bread and boil rice. I took duck and bacon, oysters, &c. Then came cherry pie, cranberry pie, quince, orange and other preserves, with salad, cheese, butter and cream (beat to a foam and with a flavor from juice of pineapple). Of the cherry pie I tasted, merely to judge, and of the cream which was very delicious. Then came oranges, plantains, raisins and walnuts with several sorts of cordials and wine. The luxury of this city, as exhibited at dinners, is very great.”

Source: Edward J. Cashin (ed.), A Wilderness Still the Cradle of Nature: Frontier Georgia (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1994), p. 63.