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In Their Own Words

March 22, 1739

Daily Report from New Ebenezer

In New Ebenezer, Salzburger minister Johann Martin Boltzius usually recorded the daily journal. However, he had just returned from a trip to Savannah, so his colleague Israel Christian Gronau was responsible for today’s journal entry:

“In a place in the woods near to the town people found some hog hides and feet, which are a sign that the people who have absconded from Savannah or deserted from Oglethorpe’s regiment have killed the two fat hogs that were lost from our town and have taken the meat with them… .

“Today, one of the German servants in our town expressed his great pleasure with this land and used this expression in particular: he would wish not have a finger left in Germany. This was a country well suited for industrious people, he said, and it is evident that some among our Salzburgers have already reaped more rewards from their labor than many in Germany who have lived there for 40 or 50 years. All his life he had toiled hard, yet had not earned enough to buy as much as a calf.

“Now that they have received their own land and thus been able to arrange their housekeeping and farming more suitably, our Salzburgers have only too well recognized the benefits they have received by being accepted into this colony.

“It is quite possible that, once it becomes known in Germany that German people can earn their bread here in this colony and enjoy it in peace and pleasure, just as many people will travel to this country as went in past years to Pennsylvania, where there is now no land to be had… .”

Source: George Fenwick Jones and Renate Wilson (trans. and ed.), Detailed Reports on Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America … Edited by Samuel Urlsperger, Vol. 6, 1739 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1981), pp. 49-51.