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In Their Own Words

March 19, 1863

Resolution Honored All Re-enlisted Civil War Regiments

The Georgia General Assembly passed a resolution honoring all the Georgia regiments who had re-enlisted and pledging to take care of their families.

Full Title: Resolutions in reference to the re-enlistment of all the Georgia Regiments. The General Assembly of Georgia do resolve, That the reenlistment of all of our Georgia regiments has inspired within the bosom of every true Georgian, sentiments of the highest esteem and gratitude for the heroic endurance, fortitude and chivalry, displayed by them, in this additional instance of self-sacrifice. [Sidenote: Expressive of esteem and gratitude to our re-enlisting troops.] Resolved, 2nd, That we pledge ourselves to make all needful appropriations for the support and benefit of the destitute and suffering families of these gallant troops, so long as the exigencies of the country may require their services in the field of battle. [Sidenote: Pledges the State to support the destitute families of soldiers in the field.] Approval Date: Approved to March 19, 1864.