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In Their Own Words

March 15, 1784

Letter Described Recovery from Revolution

Writing to his friend Henry Laurens in South Carolina, Savannah merchant Joseph Clay told how Georgia was recovering from the Revolutionary War:

“…Our State is setling again very fast, especially the back Country – a large Cession of land as far So’therly as the Oconees has lately been agreed to by the Creek Indians which will be setled immediately. Some valuable setlers have and are coming in from East Florida. Our Ports has been tolerably filled this Winter and though individuals will feel the effects of the War for many years, I may Say all their lives, yet the Country at large will soon recover. Nothing is wanting but hands to cultivate the earth. I have entered into business again with a hope by my Industry to retrieve past losses and with an expectation of being by that means more in the way of collecting my Old Debts; how far it may answer either of these purposes, time only can shew… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Letters of Joseph Clay, Merchant of Savannah, 1776-1793 (Savannah: Georgia Historical Society, 1913), pp. 206-207.