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In Their Own Words

March 14, 1737

Diary Entry on Oglethorpe Military Request

James Oglethorpe had turned down the offer to become governor of South Carolina. Rather, what he really wanted was formal command of the military forces of both Georgia and South Carolina. At last, he was about to be granted that wish, as noted in the diary of the Earl of Egmont:

“Mr. [Harman] Verelst [the Trustees’ accountant] privately told me that Sir Robert Walpole has agreed that Mr. Oglethorp shall go over with the commission of General of the Forces of South Carolina and Georgia, but that Mr. Oglethorp had desired they may be separate commissions; that he [Walpole] has also agreed to make Colonel Horsey Deputy Governor of South Carolina at Mr. Oglethorp’s request, which will be of great advantage to our Province, he being a friend of our’s and under obligations to our Board. Also that Mr. [William] Stephens will go to Georgia and be Secretary of the Province, by which means we shall have constant accounts of what passes there, and his influence will be of great service, as he is a very sensible man… .”

Source: U.K. Historical Manuscripts Commission, Diary of the First Earl of Egmont (London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1923), Vol. II, p. 368.