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In Their Own Words

March 11, 1739

Whitefield Not Daunted by Cold

Trustees’ secretary William Stephens recorded how George Whitefield refused to let the bitterly cold weather keep him from performing his duties:

“… [A] furious Wind from the NorthWest blowed all this day, and so piercing cold, that no Day in the past Winter exceeded it, which it was apprehended would produce a severe Frost. An old Woman of Mr. Whitfield’s Household, who came hither, among others, when he did, dying last night was buried this Evening, with a solemn Funeral; thirty or forty little Boys and Girls walking in Pairs, partly Orphans, and others, whom with their Parents Request or Consent, he had taken under his Care, sung Psalms as they went on to the Church; them followed MR. Whitfield, and after him the Corpse, half a dozen distinguished, chosen Men holding up the Pall; and a Number of mixed People, to close the Procession, joined them as they came by: Many People were gathered together at the Church, waiting; where after the usual Prayers, Mr. Whitfield gave them a Sermon… . After which, the Corpse was carried to the common Place of Burial… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceeding in Georgia ([no city cited]: Readex Microprint Corporation, 1966), Vol. II, pp. 311-312.