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In Their Own Words

February 26, 1743

Preparation for St. Augustine Siege

The day before Gen. James Oglethorpe, his army regiment, and volunteers left St. Simons Island for the second siege of St. Augustine, Edward Kimber wrote in his diary:

“On Saturday, February 26, 1743, the detachment of the regiment appear’d under arms at Frederica. Their arms and ammunition were examined, and everyone receiv’d his complement of cartages and was order’d to provide himself with a haversack and water bottle for the march. Afterwards they march’d out of the town, and each platoon fir’d at a mark before His Excellency [Gen. Oglethorpe] for the prize of a hat and matchet to the man who made the best shot at an hundred yards distance. He afterwards gave beer to the soldiers and order’d the whole to be ready to proceed by nine the next morning.”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.), Georgia: History written by Those who lived It (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1995), p. 24.