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In Their Own Words

February 24, 1777

Report of Attack on Georgia

Joseph Clay, a Savannah merchant turned military leader, wrote of an attack upon southern Georgia which served to rally the people together:

“… [N]ow we are in a little confusion a Number of Soldiers & Indians having made an Attack on our most Southern Post, Fort McIntosh situated on the North side of Satilla River, w’ch they have taken, their Numbers was above 400 half of which were Indians the others Regulars from St. Augustine they brought 5 pieces of Artillery with them the Fort was Commanded by a brave and prudent Officer one Capt. Winn Who had 70 Men under his command but the Fort was not calculated to resist so formidable an Attack it being only a Stockade - whether this was only their Advanced party & a larger are following them to make a General Attack on this province, or whether they mean to attempt to secure that part of the Country to themselves in Order to get the Cattle that is in it, is not yet known, every thing is in Motion & all are in high Spirits, & I think I never saw grater Unanimity in this province since the present Contest began than just now, and I have not the least doubt if we are properly Supported of every thing succeeding to our wishes.”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Letters of Joseph Clay, Merchant of Savannah, 1776-1793 (Savannah: Georgia Historical Society, 1913), pp. 20-21.