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In Their Own Words

February 04, 1764

Wright Wrote Letter on Several Items

From Savannah, Georgia royal governor James Wright wrote the British Board of Trade about a number of issues. Among these was Wright’s plea to the board to force the governor of South Carolina to stop issuing land grants to the territory south of the Altamaha River (which Georgia claimed). Also, Wright was not optimistic that problems with the Creek Indians would end:

“… It gives me great satisfaction my Lords to be Informed by your Lordships, That in order to remove all obstacles to the Improvement of the Lands to the Southward of the River Alatamaha which are annexted to this Province, every measure that can be Legally taken to set aside the grants Unwarrantably made in that Country by the Governor of South Carolina will be Pursued … .

“… I shall certainly give my most serious attention to … a Total and Effectual stop put to all Smuggling attempts … .

“The Indian affairs continue as when I had the Honor to write your Lordships last, it now appears to have been as I at first Conceived, not a National design, but the act of a few villains. If they do not make satisfaction, I conceve [sic] nothing but Force will reduce them to order, they are People who have no Notion of beneficence, or Principle of gratitude… .”

Source: Kenneth Coleman and Milton Ready (eds.), Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Vol. 28, Part II (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1979), pp. 7-9.