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In Their Own Words

February 01, 1864

Diary Entry on Several Civil War-Related Items

Julia Johnson Fisher wrote in her diary of a depressed neighbor, a soldier from the family returning home briefly, the high prices of necessities, and the fear of a huge invasion coming in the spring.

Went down to Mrs. Linn’s. Found her quite depressed, the tears were ready to break through. To sit all day and look in the fire without work of any kind, her near neighbors gone, and husband gone back to the Army or to Savannah, was more than she could bear, and then she had been looking for three days for old Nelly–if she should not come that would be worse than all. While we were commiserating the forlorness of things in general, Nell’s black head peered through the window, but it shed light within. We sprang towards her and felt that we could give her a warm embrace. Light and joy entered the household in the form of an old worn out negro, thus we are lead to appreciate what we once cast away as almost useless. Gussie came home and spent the Sabbath in order to get a change of clothes. He is on picket near St. Mary’s and enjoys it much as there is a family of girls where he can spend his leisure time. Fred is still at home groaning over pork and hominy. We indulge in flour once a day. Sybil has engaged $100.00 worth of syrup–it is $6.00 a gallon. It is thought that she may get a little sugar at $2.00 per pound. Kate Lang says that Major Bailey paid $6.00 a yard for calico in Savannah–it is now selling at $10.00. Only $100.00 for a calico dress–a fine state of things! Confederate money is hardly worth picking up. They are collecting an army of 80,000 to have a finishing battle in the Spring. God speed the right!

Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864