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In Their Own Words

January 30, 1805

Death from Minor Wound Recorded

Showing the primitive state of medicine in early Georgia, Reuben King noted in his journal how a minor wound eventually resulted in a man’s death:

“Wm. Roberts Died this morning at about 4 O.C. A.M. He was a blacksmith by trade and a Native of the State of Newjersey was about 35 years of age lived intemperate and at times Drank to excess - About six weeks ago he made a small wound in his knee with a knife it got inflamed and swelled and he was obliged to lie in bed this unnatural confinement the pain of his knee and the debilitated state of his boddy after reducing him to a Skeleton put an end to his life - I attended the buring at 4 O.C. P. M.”

Source: Virginia Steele Wood and Ralph Van Wood, ed. The Reuben King Journal, 1800-1806. Savannah, Georgia, The Georgia Historical Society, 1971, p. 97.