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In Their Own Words

January 28, 1777

Advice on Avoiding British Blockade

Savannah merchant and revolutionary soldier Joseph Clay wrote to an American naval captain with advice on how to elude the British blockade of Georgia:

“… I am informed that a Frigate was Cruising off their Barr, & that they had reason to expect another wood be there shortly which has induc’d me to drop you a line at a Venture, shoud it meet you it may be of use to You. I am also well assumed that the Otter Sloop is generally between St. Johns & Augustine, sometimes she goes to St. Marys besides which there is generally two or three Tenders, say small Schooners & Sloops Arm’d about St Marys, tho’ I believe they dont cruise much, being principally intended for the protection of E. Florida…otherways we have heard of nothing on the coast since you left this. We have had several arrivals since you left this Nevertheless. Dry goods, good Rum, Sugar & Salt still bear good prices shoud you get in safe you may probably do tolerably well the Man of War being off will rather be of service to your Sales… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Letters of Joseph Clay, Merchant of Savannah, 1776-1793 (Savannah: Georgia Historical Society, 1913), pp. 19-20.