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In Their Own Words

January 28, 1740

Whitefield Letter on Orphan House

From Savannah, Anglican minister George Whitefield wrote Harman Verelst, accountant for the Georgia Trustees about the practical importance of his planned orphan home in Georgia:

“… The building of this Orphan House I find will be of great service to the colony in general. It prevents many leaving the place and I believe will be an encouragement for others to come over. It is about 10 miles from the town [Savannah] and I intend contributing largely towards making a great cartroad from Savannah thither which will be very serviceable to all the plantations thereabout. I have taken in many children and am taking in fresh ones daily. I propose employing some of them in the cotton manufactory. I am just getting a weaver to work and have engaged to take all the cotton that shall be planted in the colony the ensuing year, so that I hope Savannah, through the Divine blessing, will yet lift up her drooping head… .”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.), General Oglethorpe’s Georgia: Colonial Letters, 1733-1743 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), Vol. II, p. 435.