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In Their Own Words

January 25, 1751

Assembly Recognized Henry Parker

In March 1750, Georgia’s Trustees appointed Henry Parker as vice president of the colony. Georgia president William Stephens, who was 78, subsequently resigned because of illness and his advanced age. On Jan. 25, 1751, Georgia’s first representative assembly convened in Savannah. Ten days later, Assembly speaker Francis Harris formally recognized Henry Parker, who was in attendance:

“Sir – We, the deputies of the several districts in General Assembly met, desire to return you our sincere thanks for your speech to us; and we assure you, we shall endeavor, with all concord and unanimity, to go through the business appointed for us to do; and we also beg leave to embrace this opportunity of heartily congratulating you on your being appointed Vice-President of the Province, which we look upon as no more than a just reward for y our long and faithful services in it; and we have no doubt but the same steadiness, justice, and candour, which have formerly guided you in the execution of other offices, will direct and govern you in this.”

Source: George White, Historical Collections of Georgia (New York: Pudney & Russell, 1855), p. 181.