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In Their Own Words

January 16, 1738

Whitefield Witnessed Brutal Discipline

While sailing to Georgia, Anglican minister George Whitefield witnessed, and tried to alleviate, an example of brutal discipline inflicted upon British soldiers on board:

“Was a little affected by seeing a poor Soldier tied Neck and Heels, for several mutinous Words he had spoken. The Captain related the Case to me, and said, if I could make him sensible of his Crime, I might beg him off. I endeavoured to do it, but, alas, in vain; he continued obstinate, and thereby hindered my design taking Effect. After this, the Captain ordered him to be tied down between Decks; from whence I took Occasion, in my Morning Sermon, to exhort the Soldiers to obey them that had the Rule over them and to avoid those Sins, that would provoke God to command them to be tied Hand and Foot, and to be cast into outer darkness, where would be weeping and gnashing of Teeth.”

Source: [no author or editor cited], Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1974), pp. 281-282.