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In Their Own Words

January 05, 1805

Look Back at Previous Year

In his journal, Reuben King looked back at the previous year:

“…I may here with all propriety remark some things relative to the last year - The planters in the lower District of Georgia have lost most of their Cotton By the Catipiller. The Hurricane which happened on the eight of Septr. Destroyed much property the planters Merchants and Mecanicks all Suffered without Destinction business now is in a very dull State Merchants and tradesmen are much in want of money - The inhabitants of Darien increase thare is now I suppose about 145 Inhabatants in this place…”

Source: Virginia Steele Wood and Ralph Van Wood, ed. The Reuben King Journal, 1800-1806. Savannah, Georgia, The Georgia Historical Society, 1971, p. 96.

Note: see this In Their Own Words entry for his description of the hurricane of September 8.