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In Their Own Words

January 01, 1862

Kiss the Girl for Me

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote home to his cousin - who was also a soldier but home on sick leave. He told him of some soldiers getting drunk at Christmas, and had some specific instructions for his cousin regarding one particular girl at home.

“… You said that you all was not preparing for much fun at Christmas but if there was anything a going that you intended to see it. You ought to have been here to a got your Christmas dram and seen all the drunk men and seen them going to the guard tent. Old Cobb give us a gram for Christmas. I hope that you saw a heep of fun with the girls and I hope that you did not forget that my mind was among you all. I hope that you kissed Paulina for me and told her what it was for and if you did not you do it before you leave. Tell her that I have not forgot her loving smiles and purty face. Eli now dont take the start of me because I am not there to take my own part which I dont think you will but dont forget to kiss her and tell her that it was for me. Then you may repeat it again if it suits her but I rather that I was there to do it myself. …”

Source: Elizabeth Whitley Roberson, In Care of Yellow River: The Complete Civil War Letters of Pvt. Eli Pinson Landers to His Mother (Gretna: Pelican Publishing Company, 1997), p.59.