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In Their Own Words

April 02, 1734

Oglethorpe Recorded Salzburgers’ Arrival

From Charles Town, S.C., James Oglethorpe wrote the Trustees on this day:

“The ship with the Salzburgers came in sight and Mr. Von Reck landed here just as I was going to embark for England. I found it necessary to go down to Georgia to place them there and make a disposition for their subsistence… . I was, for haste, not able to write to you, because I put out instantly and arrived at Savannah on the 14th of March. I settled the Salzburgers in the situation which they desired, though it occasions an additional expense, we being obliged to buy horses to carry up their provision by land. For they are six miles from the great river [Savannah], and the Ebenezer [River] is so choked up with old trees that boats cannot go ‘till they are removed. I therefore hired a packhorseman and have ordered him ten horses to attend them. I have bought a sow, a cow, two fowls, ducks and geese for each of them, which will be delivered as soon as they can be got up. The Commissary [Von Reck] is a good-natured man. The ministers are very devout and the eldest is a very wise man. The whole are a religious, industrious and cheerful people and in all probability will succeed very well.”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.). General Oglethorpe Georgia: Colonial Letters, 1733-1743, Vol. I (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), pp. 40-41.