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This Day in Georgia History

December 29, 1847

City of Atlanta Incorporated

Gov. George Towns signed an act reincorporating the town of Atlanta as the city of Atlanta. Later, this date would be cited as the birthday of Atlanta. However, under Georgia law, there is no legal distinction between a town and city - as both are considered an incorporated municipality. Changing the name from “town” to “city” did not create a new municipality. The same holds true with respect to changing the name of Marthasville to Atlanta by an act of Dec. 26, 1845. Rather, the actual birthday of Atlanta is Dec. 23, 1843, when the General Assembly incorporated Marthasville. The language of the 1845 legislation changing the name of Marthasville to Atlanta did not create a new municipality or change the powers or boundaries of the existing municipality. It merely changed its name. Nevertheless, by tradition, Atlanta generally celebrates its date of creation as Dec. 29, 1847.