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This Day in Georgia History

December 18, 1886

Ty Cobb Born

To view a Ty Cobb baseball card, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

Baseball great Ty Cobb was born in Banks County, Georgia. Cobb is recognized as one of the premiere baseball players of all time. He reached the major leagues at age eighteen, with the Detroit Tigers. Embittered from the hazing he received at the hands of the older players, Cobb became a loner with a fierce determination to excel in every phase of the game. Excel he did, batting over .300 for twenty-three consecutive years, three of which he hit over .400. His style of play - extremely aggressive and intimidating - made him one of the most feared and hated players in the game. But his talent could not be denied; in 1936 he was the leading vote-getter among the first five players inducted into professional baseball’s Hall of Fame. Cobb became a wealthy man through wise investments of his baseball earnings, primarily his investment in home state Coca-Cola stock. After retiring for some time in Nevada, he returned to north Georgia, where much of his fortune was donated to charities. He died in 1961, one day short of his seventy-fifth birthday.