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This Day in Georgia History

December 09, 1867

Constitutional Convention Assembled

The convention that would draft Georgia’s Constitution of 1868 assembled in Atlanta. Earlier - on Sept. 19, 1867 - Maj. Gen. John Pope (who commanded the Reconstruction military district which included Georgia) had ordered a statewide election on whether Georgia’s Constitution of 1865 should be replaced. That election was held Oct. 29-31, and by a narrow margin (106,410 to 102,283) voters approved holding a constitutional convention. At the same election, delegates to the convention were chosen. [One account says there were 166 delegates, 33 of whom were African American, while another lists 37 blacks among the 169 delegates.] Subsequently, on Nov. 19, Gen. Pope ordered that the convention be held in Atlanta on Dec. 9, 1867.