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This Day in Georgia History

November 23, 1979

Wagon Train Left Dahlonega

A wagon train consisting of 75 wagons plus hundreds of riders pulled out of Dahlonega bearing 60 ounces of gold to be used in regilding the gold dome of the Georgia state capitol. The journey to Atlanta would follow the same course by a smaller wagon train in 1958 bearing the gold used to gild the dome in 1959. Since that time, exposure and hail had damaged the gilding, so that much of it was missing. Thus was launched the “Make Georgia a Shining Example” project to take a wagon train through the state visiting all former capitals to raise money to regild the weathered dome.

To view another image of the wagon train, see the Digital Library of Georgia.
Image of Wagon Train Left Dahlonega View large image
Source: Photo: Ed Jackson