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This Day in Georgia History

November 06, 1906

Ben Hill County Created

Georgia voters ratified a constitutional amendment creating Ben Hill County as Georgia’s 146th county. At the time, Georgia’s constitution provided that there could be a maximum of 145 counties. Rather than raise that limit to 146, Georgia lawmakers chose to add language stating that in addition to the counties provided for by the constitution there would be a new county. Because of this approach, language also had to be added to the constitution spelling out the name, boundaries, and government organization of Ben Hill County. This set the precedent for how each of the next 15 counties would be created. Created from portions of Irwin and Wilcox counties, Georgia’s newest county was named for former Confederate senator, U.S. congressman, and U.S. senator Benjamin H. Hill.

Ben Hill County Created View large image
Source: Carl Vinson Institute of Government