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This Day in Georgia History

September 17, 1932

FDR Support in Georgia

Fulton County attorney and Democratic leader Charles B. Shelton was named chairman of the Georgia Division of the Roosevelt Business and Professional League. This group, along with the state Democratic Party, was created to spearhead Roosevelt’s campaign for the presidency in Georgia. Also on this day, Georgia Senator Walter F. George confidently predicted an easy win for Roosevelt observing that “with reasonable support of the ticket the election of Governor Roosevelt is a certainty.” George was also highly critical of the Hoover Administration’s treatment of the “Bonus Army”- a group of World War I veterans who had marched on Washington demanding benefits promised to them after the war, but not being delivered because of the Depression. The “Bonus Army” had been routed out of Washington by the regular Army, which George characterized as “the best evidence yet of the desperate plight in which the Republicans find themselves.”