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This Day in Georgia History

September 01, 1864

Battle of Jonesboro Continued

To read a contemporary account of the Battle of Jonesboro, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

The Battle of Jonesboro continued all day until late into the night. Confederate forces fought bravely but were overwhelmed by superior Union numbers. Confederate Brig. Gen. Daniel Govan and his Arkansas brigade were captured, and at one point Gen. William J. Hardee’s entire corps was at risk. Darkness brought fighting to an end, and at 11 p.m. Hardee withdrew from the field. In the darkness, what was left of Hardee’s corps marched through the night to Lovejoy’s Station six miles to the south of Jonesboro. There, they wearily dug in to prepare for what would prove to be the final battle in Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. Meanwhile, the morning of September 1 had found Atlantans believing that the Confederates had won the previous day’s battle at Jonesboro. However, some Confederate deserters arrived and told what really happened. Confusion reigned during the day, and no one seemed in charge. Groups of slaves began arriving, taking residence in abandoned houses and cellars. By 5 p.m., a full-scale evacuation of Atlanta was underway. Confederate supplies that could not be carried were distributed to city residents. Gen. Hood ordered Gen. Stephen Lee to take his corps to Lovejoy’s Station to join Hardee’s corps.