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This Day in Georgia History

August 30, 1864

Union Army Neared Jonesboro

To read a contemporary account of the Battle of Jonesboro, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

After a day of destroying the Atlanta & West Point Railroad, Gen. William T. Sherman marched his army to the southeast toward the Macon & Western Railroad and Jonesboro. Confederate commander John Bell Hood believed that Sherman’s strategy was to position his army for an attack on the southern perimeter of Atlanta. However, as a precaution, Hood prepared to order two Confederate corps to Jonesboro. That night, Hood learned that Union forces were within two miles of the Macon railroad, so he ordered native Georgian Gen. William J. Hardee to march two corps through the night to turn the Union force back. Not knowing how fateful his words were, Hood told Hardee that the fate of Atlanta depended on his success.