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This Day in Georgia History

August 18, 1924

City/County Mergers Proposed

Gov. Clifford Walker signed a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment to allow the consolidation of city and county governments in any county with a city of a population of 52,900 or more according to the 1920 census. Only three Georgia cities met this population threshold - Atlanta (200,616), Savannah (83,252), and Macon (52,905). As it turns out, the proposed constitutional amendment’s minimum population was specifically drawn to allow Macon and Bibb County to consolidate. The amendment arose after a Bibb County grand jury in 1923 recommended that a consolidated city-county government would be more efficient than continuing with two separate governments. Supporters succeeded in getting two-thirds of the members of each house of the 1924 General Assembly to propose amending the state constitution to allow the merger. This was the first serious effort at city-county consolidation in Georgia, though the merger never took place.