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This Day in Georgia History

August 14, 1913

Leo Frank Trial Day 16

To view an image of Leo Frank at his trial, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

At the trial of Leo Frank, after an angry outburst by Frank’s mother the previous day, prosecutor Hugh Dorsey requested that she and Frank’s wife be removed from the courtroom for the duration of the trial. Judge L.S. Roan turned down this request, but did warn the women not to interrupt the proceedings again. Many more character witnesses testified, some having traveled from New York. Frank’s mother-in-law (with whom the Franks lived) testified Frank acted normally the night after murder, even engaging in a friendly game of cards. This contradicted earlier testimony that Frank had been nervous, drunk, and suicidal the night following the murder. Finally, Rachel Carson, a female employee of the factory, said she had talked to Jim Conley the Monday following the murder. Conley told her he was so drunk on Saturday that he didn’t remember anything he did, but that he was sure Leo Frank was innocent. When Carson told Conley someone had reported seeing a black man lurking behind some boxes on the first floor soon after the time of the murder, Conley was so startled he dropped his broom.