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This Day in Georgia History

August 08, 1913

Leo Frank Trial Day 11

To view an image of Leo Frank at his trial, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

In day eleven of the Leo Frank trial, the defense had civil engineer T. H. Willett draw a diagram of the National Pencil Factory showing how the murder could have been committed on the first floor without the knowledge of anyone (including Leo Frank) working on the second floor. Daisy Hopkins, one of the women C.B. Dalton had claimed he met for immoral purposes at the factory, denied having ever met Dalton or Leo Frank. Two street car conductors testified Mary Phagan had ridden alone the morning of her murder, contradicting the testimony of George Epps. Assistant factory manager N.V. Darley said he believed Conley and Dalton were lying about trysts in the basement, as he worked most Saturdays and would have known of such actions. Factory timekeeper E.F. Holloway said he worked every Saturday and had never seen Conley and Frank interact, and that he had never seen a woman other than Frank’s wife in his office.