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This Day in Georgia History

July 30, 1913

Leo Frank Trial Day 3

To view an image of Leo Frank at his trial, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

The third day of the Leo Frank trial proved a good one for the defense. Detective John Black, who had obtained most of the evidence against Leo Frank, seemed confused and openly admitted being “mixed-up” over portions of his testimony. He contradicted himself numerous times and said he could not remember significant details of the case. Finally, he even admitted that he couldn’t be sure of what he had testified to previously. The defense was jubilant after his testimony. Others testified on this day as well; W.W. (Boots) Rogers testified that Leo Frank never saw Mary Phagan’s body at the undertaker’s; Frank had said he did. Grace Hicks, another factory employee, recalled how she was called to identify the body. She also said she had worked at the factory for five years and had only spoken to Leo Frank three times. Finally John Gantt, whom Frank had discharged from the factory for a shortage in a pay envelope, testified that he simply returned to the factory April 26th to retrieve a pair of shoes he had left there. The first three days of the trial were noted for standing room-only crowds, with many gathered outside to hear news, and for the sweltering heat, with temperatures in the upper 90s.