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This Day in Georgia History

July 16, 1963

Vinson Set Congressional Longevity Record

To view a video honoring Carl Vinson, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

Georgia Congressman Carl Vinson broke Sam Rayburn’s record of service in Congress of 48 years, 8 months, and 12 days. Elected Nov. 3, 1914, Vinson would be reelected for 26 consecutive terms. At the time of his retirement in January 1965, the Georgia Representative had served 50 years and two months in Congress, a record that would last 3 decades until surpassed by Rep. Jamie Whitten of Mississippi on Jan. 6, 1992. Today, Carl Vinson ranks sixth in terms of continuous service in Congress, following Daniel Inouye, Jamie Whitten, John Dingell, Carl Hayden, and Robert Byrd (who has served over 57 years).

Vinson Set Congressional Longevity Record View large image
Source: Photo: Ed Jackson