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This Day in Georgia History

July 15, 1864

Sherman Continued Crossing, Bragg Wired Review

The bulk of Sherman’s Army arrived at the Chattahoochee River and began crossing at various sites along the river - a task that would take three days. Meanwhile, to the south, Jefferson Davis’ chief-of-staff, Gen. Braxton Bragg, was on a secret mission for the Confederate president. Bragg had been sent to Atlanta to determine the competency of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston and his ability to turn back Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. On this day, Bragg wired Davis: “I have made General Johnston two visits, and been received courteously and kindly. He has not sought my advice, and it was not volunteered. I cannot learn that he has any more plan for the future than he has had in the past. It is expected that he will await the enemy on a line some three miles from here, and the impression prevails that he is now more inclined to fight… . The morale of our army is still reported good.”