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This Day in Georgia History

July 15, 1777

Bounty Put on Drayton

Early in the American Revolution Georgia Governor John Treutlen issued a proclamation offering a bounty of 100 pounds for the capture of William H. Drayton of South Carolina. Drayton was then leading an effort among South Carolina officials to convince Georgia that it should consolidate with its northern neighbor. Interestingly, while delegates to the Second Continental Congress had not yet approved the Articles of Confederation, Treutlen’s proclamation noted as one reason for Georgia’s opposition that any such consolidation would be “contrary to the Articles of Confederation, entered into, ratified, and confirmed by this State as a cement of union between the same and the other United and Independent States of America.” If legal, this would have made Georgia the first state to ratify the Articles. However, in a subsequent response to Treutlen, Drayton countered: “The Confederation you speak of is an imposition upon the people of Georgia, no other of the States of America but yours having ratified or even considered of any such thing, or have had it to consider of. - Pray how did you blunder upon it? The Congress never sent it to you - why they have not even concluded upon such a thing themselves.”