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This Day in Georgia History

July 08, 1817

Treaty of Cherokee Agency

Representatives of the U.S. and Cherokee Nation met at the Cherokee Agency at the site of present-day Calhoun, Tennessee and signed what is known as the Treaty of Cherokee Agency. In the treaty, the Cherokee ceded lands in northwest Georgia and southwestern North Carolina. On Dec. 15, 1818, the Georgia General Assembly created the counties of Habersham, Hall, and Gwinnett from the ceded lands. The 1817 agreement gave the Cherokees an equal amount of land in the Arkansas Territory. One intent of the treaty was to extinguish all Cherokee claims in North Carolina, but another treaty was needed for that two years later. While some Cherokees agreed to the land swap, a majority did not. A delegation of Cherokees subsequently went to Washington, D.C. to protest the 1817 treaty. As a result, a new agreement - the Treaty of Washington - would be signed on Feb. 27, 1819 that contained essentially the same provisions as the 1817 treaty.

Image of Treaty of Cherokee Agency View large image
Source: Carl Vinson Institute of Government