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This Day in Georgia History

July 04, 1976

Georgia Celebrated National Bicentennial

The year 1776 is a major year in American history. It marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the outbreak of the American Revolution, and the transition of British colonies to American states. To many Americans, 1776 marks the birth of the United States. To plan for the national celebration of the nation’s bicentennial, Congress in 1966 created the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. The Commission subsequently invited each state to create a commission to cooperate with national and local groups to plan for the commemoration of the nation’s bicentennial. In 1969, the Georgia General Assembly created the Georgia Commission for the National Bicentennial Celebration. That body planned and coordinated numerous events across the state to mark the nation’s bicentennial. Many parades, festivals, and other commemorations were held on July 4, 1976.