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This Day in Georgia History

July 02, 1810

Robert Toombs Born

To view letters of Robert Toombs, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

Robert Toombs was born in Wilkes County, Georgia. At age 20, he would open a law practice in Washington, Georgia. After six years in the Georgia House, he was elected to the U.S. House (1846-1851) and to the U.S. Senate (1851-1861). A strong proponent of Georgia’s secession in January 1861, Toombs was named Confederate Secretary of State–a post he soon resigned. In July 1861, he was named general of a Confederate regiment – but proved temperamental. At the end of the war, he fled to Europe. Returning two years later, the “unreconstructed rebel” refused to apply for a pardon. During Reconstruction, he fought Republican control of Georgia and proved to be the most influential member of Georgia’s Redeemer state constitutional convention in 1877.