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This Day in Georgia History

June 25, 1868

Congress Readmitted Georgia Provisionally

Congress enacted legislation readmitting Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina to the Union providing they ratify the Fourteenth Amendment and agree to never amend their state constitutions to deprive any citizen of the right to vote. In April 1868, Georgia voters had ratified a new state constitution - one which removed race as a qualification for voting. In the summer of 1868, Georgia’s General Assembly finally ratified the Fourteenth Amendment. Nine days after the ratification, federal troops were withdrawn from Georgia - but Reconstruction was not over. In the 1868 general election, 32 blacks were elected to the Georgia General Assembly. In September 1868, white legislators in each house voted to expel black representatives and senators. This, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, and other actions against Georgia blacks led Georgia Republican governor Rufus Bullock to ask Congress for help. In December 1869, Georgia was placed under federal military control again.