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This Day in Georgia History

June 21, 1754

Royal Colony Seal Approved

In London, the King and Council approved a new seal for Georgia to reflect its status as a royal colony. According to the language of the order, the seal’s design would consist of “a figure, representing the Genius of the Colony, … offering a skein of silk to his Majesty, with the motto, ‘Hinc landem spetate Coloni,’ and around the circumference ‘Sigillum Provinciae nostrae Georgiae in America.’” On the reverse was King George II’s arms, crown, garter, supporters, and motto, with the inscription, “Georgius II. Dei Gratia Magnae Britanniae Fr. et Hib Rex Fidei Defensor, Brunswici et Lunenbergi Dux, Sacri Romani Imperii Archi Thesaurarius et Elector.”