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This Day in Georgia History

May 21, 1917

Series of Fires in Atlanta

What began as a warm, windy day would end with the most fire destruction to Atlanta since Sherman burned the city in 1864. In a strange set of circumstances, four different fires broke out in Atlanta – all in about an hour’s time. The first three did damage but were put out. The fourth fire was reported at 12:46 p.m. At a storage building used by Grady Hospital, the first Atlanta firemen on the scene found a stack of mattresses ablaze. Unfortunately, they did not have a fire hose and had to watch helplessly as the wind spread the fire to neighboring buildings. Over the next nine hours, almost 2,000 homes were destroyed. Ten thousand Atlanta residents - mostly blacks - were left homeless. Amazingly, only one person died - and that a woman who suffered a heart attack after seeing her house burn. Interestingly, of the 1,938 buildings that burned, all but 250 had shingle roofs - which led the Atlanta city council to pass an ordinance prohibiting use of wood shingles on new buildings.