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This Day in Georgia History

May 03, 1816

Montgomery C. Meigs Born

To view a historical marker on Montgomery Meigs, see the Digital Library of Georgia.

Union Army Quartermaster General Montgomery Cunningham Meigs was born in Augusta, Georgia. At age 16, he enrolled at West Point, graduating in 1836 fifth in his class. He soon was assigned to the U.S. Army’s Corps of Engineers. In May 1861, Meigs was appointed brigadier general of U.S. volunteers, but more importantly, Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army. Though he held the post for 21 years, Meigs is perhaps better known for the advice he gave Lincoln in 1862. At a time of repeated Union military losses and a near-empty U.S. Treasury, Meigs advised the despondent Lincoln to take to take the initiative in the war effort. After 46 years in the Army, Meigs retired in 1882. Ten years later, he died in Washington D.C. on Jan. 2, 1892.