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This Day in Georgia History

May 01, 1928

Air Mail Service Between Atlanta and New York Launched

Pitcairn Aviation, the forerunner of Eastern Air Lines, launched Contract Air Mail Route 19 (CAM 19) airmail service between Atlanta and New York. Atlanta postmaster Edwin K. Large signed some of the letters carried on the first flight of CAM 19. One of the letters bearing his signature is shown below. Also, all letters on the first flight received a special cancel handstamped in purple ink. The May 1, 1928 first flight of CAM 19 not only marked the first airmail service between Atlanta and New York. Beacon lights had been installed every ten miles along the route so that pilots could fly at night, allowing the first night airmail service to or from Atlanta. Leaving Candler Field at 6 pm, the mail arrived in New York the next morning, where it received a 10:30 am backstamp on the reverse of the envelope.